a fashion designer and a music producer have joined forces.

music and fashion both transform emotions and mindsets into something tangible. the connection is natural. together they formed a mission to create fashion in a new way. fashion that redefines sustainability. fashion that is timeless and versatile. fashion that we can identify with through the use of music.

in todays fashion industry sustainability has become a major topic. but how can we tackle sustainability in a system in which trends are replaced every other month, keeping us locked in a cycle of mass consumption? we have become obsessed with variety and change and are now being crushed by the excess.

our answer to this:

our products are so durable they can last a lifetime. timelessly simplistic and unpretentious. Versatile to fit our everyday needs. high tech fabric that dries within an hour never creases and is incredibly breathable and stretchy. the perfect all-rounder making the sustainable lifestyle of quality over quantity a reality.

to create a wholesome experience we will share with you the music that has inspired not only the creation of the clothing itself but the entire approach, the mission. experience an exclusive insight on the emotions that flow into the creation of your own piece . we are of the conviction that an emotional attachment to the product evokes the highest possible sense of identification. each of our pieces will be released with an originally produced song. each piece and each song will bild on and complement each other, creating a full album at the end of the year. completing project Autark.

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